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Lourdes Lopez

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About Mrs. Lopez the Science Teacher

This is my seventh year teaching science at Burbank

I hold a single subject credential in Geologic science

I am a member of the California Science Teachers Association

About Mrs. Lopez the Person

I like to write, read, paint, hike, care for the environment and play Legos with my sons, Fox and Phoenix.

What we are learning this week


  • First graders are learning to classify matter and name properties of states of matter. They are also learning that matter can change state by freezing, melting, dissolving and evaporating.
  • Third graders are learning about energy and the various ways it can be converted to other forms of energy.
  • Fourth graders are learning to classify organisms depending on what they eat (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, and decomposers).
  • Fifth graders are learning that weather patterns are caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.
  • Sixth graders are learning about phenomena caused on Earth due to the sun..


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