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Burbank Elementary School

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    PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff News

    All Hayward Unified School District schools will be OPEN on Thursday, October 10. 


    PG&E Expected Outage Map:

    PGand E map


    Please take the time to read through the following PG&E suggestions for preparing for a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

    • Confirm or update your contact information with PG&E. We’ll send notifications to the contacts we have on file in advance of a shutoff, when possible.
    • Create a safety plan for all members of your family, including pets. A Public Safety Power Shutoff can happen at any time of day or night, due to changing weather conditions.
    • Prepare an emergency supply kit. Include enough water and non-perishable food to last your household one week. Be sure to refresh your kit once a year.
    • Determine if your landline will work during an outage. Keep a mobile phone as a backup.
    • Keep mobile phones and other devices charged.
    • If you have a generator, make sure it’s ready to operate safely.
    • Have flashlights available for your household. Avoid using candles.
    • Have a battery-powered or crank radio.
    • Stock up on the right batteries for items you rely on. Include two extra sets in various sizes.
    • Keep cash on hand and a full tank of gas. ATMs and gas stations may not be available during an outage.
    • Learn how to manually open your garage or any other door that operates with electricity.
    • Talk with your building manager if you live or work in a building that has elevators or electronic key card access to understand how they will deal with a possible multi-day outage.

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    Burbank Elementary School is committed to nourishing the progress of every child. Honoring the cultural and linguistic assets in our school community provides the path to equitable outcomes and enduring success. By holding rigorous expectations of ourselves individually and collectively, we cultivate and cherish a school environment that fully supports the academic, social-emotional, creative and civic learning of all students in our care.