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4th Grade Science

Electricity & Circuits

Electricity Interactive Fun for Kids-  website with links to different activities and information about electricity (most links are active)

Electricity for Kids- site with information and interactives

Physics for Kids- introduction to electricity and magnetism

Kids Konnect- Links to information about electricity

Electricity- information for kids from the U.S. Energy Administration

Alliant Energy Kids- information for kids about electricity

Kids Korner- information for kids about electricity

Electricity Teaching Resources- interactives about electricity and circuits

Kid Zone- information for kids about electricity

Interactive about Circuits- for 7-11 year olds

Magnetic Fields

Explain that Stuff- magnetism information

Magnetic Fields and Mars- information about magnetic fields and Mars from NASA

Magnet Lab- web resources for kids from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Florida

Neok12- you tube videos on magnetism (ALL PLAY)

Science Kids- information for kids about magnetism