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5th Grade Native American Research

Native American Research Links

Primary Source Documents- archive of primary source documents pertaining to Native Americans (last updated 2008.  Some dead links)

National Museum of the American Indian-  museum with artifacts and information about them

Desert Region

Plains Region

Woodlands Region

Southwest Region

Northwest Region

Pacific Northwest Region

Pacific Northwest Native Americans

Northwest Coastal Regions

Pueblo Indians

Pueblo and Southwest Region


Native American Tribe Information find weather info for your region

Columbus Papers- compiled archives from the first voyages of Columbus and other explorers on Controversy of Columbus

Document from Letters about


Native American Genocide

Search Engines for Kids

SweetSearch- search engine with items researched by experts

Ask Kids- search engine with children appropriate websites

Fact Monster- search engine from multiple kid friendly resources

Yahoo! Kids Encyclopedia- search engine for kids from encyclopedia resources

Internet Search Engines for Kids

KidsClick- kid friendly search engine developed by librarians