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6th Grade Research

Ancient Egypt Research Links

Life in Ancient Egypt- good site for information about life in Ancient Egypt from the Carnegie Museum

Making Name in Hieroglyphics - French website that you can use to translate any word into Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Ancient Egypt Project Pages - Different projects to do around Ancient Egypt

Primary Projects Ancient Egypt Page- resources and activities for students

British Museum Ancient Egypt Website- great links to the British Museum's Ancient Egyptian resources

Ancient Egypt Website- older site with some broken links but lots of resources

Ancient Egypt for Kids- links to websites with activities for kids

Tour Egypt- official government website about Egypt then and now

Neferchichi's Tomb- lots of resources on Ancient Egypt- some items for sale

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt- resource about daily life

History for Kids-  website on Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphics- information on hieroglyphics website dedicated to ancient Egypt

Egypt Fun Guide- website created by Sea World about Egypt

Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers- website with different lessons about Ancient Egypt

Tomb of the Unknown Mummy- from National Geographic Kids

KidsPast- History website for kids

Historyforkids- Kidpedia

Mrdonn's History Website- curated and organized links for history - website with links to history and other facts

Kathimitchell's Sites- ancient civilization websites