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Star Reading Assessment & Accelerated Reader

About our Subscription

Our Subscription to Renaissance Place has two components:

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader component is a program that allows students to take quizzes on books they have read and accumulate points as an incentive system for reading.  Students can take the quizzes on a computer via the Burbank Renaissance Place website or they can use the iPad app on the iPad carts.  These quizzes are ONLY to be taken at school and ONLY to be taken once a student has finished reading a book.  Quiz scores cannot be deleted from student accounts if they scored below the 60% pass percentage. 


Star Reading Assessment

The Star Reading Assessment is an assessment taken on the laptops that provides an AR reading level to each student who completes it.  This assessment can also be used as a progress monitor.  It is suggested to use the Star Reading Assessment at the beginning of each trimester to find students' AR reading level and to monitor students' reading progress. 

The assessment is a 34 question, multiple choice assessment that is "adaptive."  Students are initially given 7 practice questions before they begin the 34 true test questions to make sure they can read well enough to proceed with the full assessment. 

Accelerated Reader Website

Account Info

The Renaissance Place website has two areas:

Student Login and Teacher/Administrator Login

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 10.21.46 AM.png

Student Login:

The Student Login allows students to login via the Burbank Renaissance Place website where they can access Accelerated Reader quizzes, view reports, view quizzes taken, and view goals and points.

The can also access the Star Reading Assessment.  This should ONLY be done with Teacher Supervision and as a whole class activity.  This is ONLY to be taken periodically as an initial screening tool and as a progress monitor. 


Teacher/Administrator Login:

The Teacher/Administrator Login allows teachers and administrators to access class information and student reports and data.  This is where all quiz point tallies can be found as well as the student reports from the Star Reading Assessment. 

SCAN this QR Code to download the APP!!!

AR Reader APP.png