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American Revolution Research

American Revolution Research website with detailed information about the American Revolution resources and videos for the American Revolution and related events

Liberty! The American Revolution- site on the American Revolution, includes Teacher's Guide

American Revolution- website created by a history class

Revolutionary War Timeline- timeline of the war with informational links to each event

Kidport American Revolution links- timeline and links

KidInfo site for American Revolution- site with kid friendly links to information on American Revolution, links go to a variety of sources

Library of Congress American Revolution- links from Library of Congress documents links and lesson plans for American Revolution website from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

American Revolution Wiki- wikipedia entry on American Revolution, good place to start and find resources

Shay's Rebellion Website- artifacts and information about Shay's Rebellion including artifacts from period of Revolutionary War

Images for American Revolution Research

Pictures of the Revolutionary War- from the National Archives American Revolution Pictures- sorted into different categories and slideshows

Rochambeau Maps Collection- collection of maps from commander of the French Army, Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur

American Revolution Maps- collection of maps from the period 1750-1789

Pictures from Revolutionary Period- different articles with pictures from the Revolutionary period

American Revolution Wikipedia Entry- information and pictures for the American Revolution

Paul Revere Page- info about Paul Revere and images

Paul Revere Wikipedia Entry- pictures and information about Paul Revere

ThinkQuest Page on American Revolution- links to information and pictures for the American Revolution